2009 Healthcare IT Outlook a Frost & Sullivan’s Report.

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2009F&SFrost & Sullivan’s 2009 APAC Healthcare Information Technology Outlook describes that the adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is essential for modern healthcare delivery systems if they are to gain greater efficiency, reduce overall healthcare costs and improve patient safety. In recent years, the acquisition of computer technologies by healthcare organizations has increased substantially with the spending showing upward tendency placing the industry as one of the major consumer of ICT products and services. In 2007, spending on Healthcare information system in Asia Pacific was valued at $15.50 billion& This has accounted for 1.5 to 2.3 percent of total healthcare expenditure. Report estimates that by 2012, healthcare spending will almost double.  The HIT adoption trend by healthcare organisations is unstoppable, however there is expected to be a backlash in view of the current financial crisis. Also, it says that there is a slight negative impact on the growth of the HIT industry as hospitals and health systems are taking measured but deliberate action by delaying capital projects, cutting capital and operating budgets, and laying off workers.

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