SaaS in Healthcare

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SaasRecently the SaaS (software as a service) concept is catching up fast across verticals and many industry veterans are projecting this as a next big wave of technology. Major giants are trying out their innovation with various services & there are also many smaller players who have seen their success stories with this.

Though the hosted service from Healthcare perspective is still a nascent approach but in recent past we have witnessed suppliers who are running fast to create new era of healthcare information system however, in my personal opinion this would take little more time to break the convention.

In an Indian healthcare context, SaaS has very long way to go. Considering Infrastructure, market maturity, sentiment and acceptability the SaaS concept has many challenges to pass through.

On the other hand I also think that this concept has very good chance to sneak in to Indian market and might grow big. Obviously, this depends on many factor like their competitiveness against the conventional in-house deployment in terms of cost, usage effectiveness reliability etc.,

The common questions which would arise when we think of SaaS are:

  • What is the advantage of SaaS deployed solutions?
  • How cost effective is the solution?
  • How reliable is the provider?
  • How secured is the solution?
  • What infrastructure upgrade should be considered?
  • How will the upgrade happens?
  • How will be the engagement model?
  • Who owns the data and backup mechanisms?
  • How is the system performance when compared to in-house deployed solution?
  • Is there any regulatory governance which protects privacy, security and data theft incidents?

In my future articles Iā€™m planning to cover more detailed analysis on SaaS in healthcare IT & I am happy to accept your feedback or any specific input which you feel would add value to my articles.

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