Healthcare IT Enabling Better Care.

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healthcare-itHealthcare becomes more meaningful when right decisions are taken with right information and focused on right objective, IT has all the potential to empower healthcare industry in enabling better care. 
Recently, IT giant Microsoft announced that it intends to acquire Sentillion Inc., a privately held company specializing in software for the healthcare industry & it is planning to combine Sentillion’s products with Microsoft Amalga Unified Intelligence System (UIS) to make it easier for healthcare professionals to deliver better patient care by streamlining access to multiple IT applications and patient data.
By combining Sentillion’s context management and single sign-on technologies with Amalga UIS, a real-time data aggregation solution, Microsoft aims to give clinicians new insight about patients in real time and enable them to perform the appropriate task with unprecedented speed. At the same time, the workflow of clinicians will be simplified, allowing them to spend less time navigating different IT systems and more time with patients.
Google on the other hand has started making good wave through its Google health and also partnering with many hospitals and pharmacies to enable services.  A few months back, Intel and GE said they would sell a system that allows doctors to monitor patients who are at home similarly, Google and IBM announced their own in-home system that could electronically relay data from devices such as blood-pressure cuffs and glucose meters.
This development clearly indicates that IT biggies are focusing on strengthening their presence in Healthcare IT and acquiring required skills through acquisitions & partnering.  Ultimately,  these developments defiantly indicate that the healthcare revolution has begun….

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