Has Innovation Taken Backbench in Healthcare IT?

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question-markI was reading Chilmark and Healthcare IT guy’s about their take on innovation in healthcare IT both of them have almost expressed similar opinion on Innovation in healthcare IT and apparently, both of them feels that they didn’t see any significant innovation being announced in this HIMSS10.

Chilmark nicely puts it as ‘No tsunamis, just ripples on a pond’ with these articles it is quite evident that the vendors of all sizes are fully occupied with the buzz word ‘Meaningful use’, of course, looking at the current market opportunities it is sensible why companies are so keen on this & I guess this is positive stage for industry which I call ‘opportunity encasement’ & this would follow ‘new market creation’ with innovation.

Chilmark’s Post

Healthcare IT Guy’s Post

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One thought on “Has Innovation Taken Backbench in Healthcare IT?”

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