Explaining International IT Application Leadership: Health IT

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A white paper by Daniel Castro, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

This report is to identify the countries which are leading in the deployment of health IT and also highlights the lessons that might be useful for other countries. The first section of the report gives an overview of the current state of and trends in health IT adoption in the United States and several other developed countries. The second section of the report identifies the factors that have led to success in some countries and the lessons that can be learned by other nations to drive health IT adoption. Finally, the report concludes with detailed recommendations for policymakers to jumpstart progress on health IT.

Report indicates that Denmark, Finland, and Sweden—are ahead of the United States and most other countries in moving forward with their health IT systems. These three Nordic countries have nearly universal usage of EHRs among primary care providers, high rates of adoption of EHRs in hospitals, widespread use of health IT applications, including the ability to order tests and prescribe medicine electronically, advanced telehealth programs, and portals that provide online access to health information. All three of these countries have embraced IT as the foundation for reforming their health care systems and have successfully implemented changes that reach every patient. Other developed countries, including Australia, the Netherlands, New zealand, Norway, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, also have advanced health IT platforms. In addition, some countries, such as Spain and Italy, have regional health IT projects that rival the scope and complexity of some national projects.

Report also indicates that no country has all of the answers or a perfect health care system. Neither does any one country lead across every metric. But all nations can learn from the leaders.

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